Lakemont Elementary School

901 North Lakemont Avenue

Winter Park, Florida 32792

The Leopards


Lakemont Elementary school built around 1954-55 has been torn down and was rebuilt new on the same site.


We were small when we started, and we had a great eagerness. The doors were tall and our feet didn’t always touch the ground when we sat. Every classroom had a bathroom, we had recess and nap time. They were already building a new wing for the second grade. Smokey Bear (“Smokey the Bear”) was the same age as us. Everything was blossoming.

We would walk in lines to lunch, the library, and the back parking lot where we learned Square Dance. By the middle of elementary school Barbara Millicent Roberts (“Barbie”) was born (in 1959).

Leaving elementary school was a big and exciting step. It was also scary and sad, some of us would go to Maitland and some of us would go to Glenridge.


Off to junior high school!