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February 2017> John Dent>Santa Fe, NM>To:  Class of Ď68>Subject:  Saying ďhiĒ 50 years later


I know that getting reacquainted with old school chums after over 50 years isnít very realistic, especially since I have not lived in central Florida for so many, many years.  What Iíd like to do is give a shout-out to some names I do remember with the help of the alumni reunion contact list and my Ď66 Towayam; Tommy Denton, John Merlet, Margie Cooper (Minnehaha Circle), Steve Armstrong, Mike Bales, Karl Heinz, John Bolton, Dick Glover, Mike Gooch, Barbara Krause (HUGE crush on her), Charlie Mcleod, Sam Pinder, Sue Roberts, Ed Truncellito and sister Barbara, Andy Titan, Bill Bennet, Jim Brooks (bought my sax), Fran Fink, Tony Fiorica, Dick Glover, Robert Hutchinson (science fair smoking machine in 9th grade), Gil O'Brien, Charlie Stevens, Mike Stoner (great name) and more.  I opened up my Ď66 Towayam and I was able to put names and faces together better than I thought I ever could after only 50 years.  Are we really that old?  Yikes!!  


I attended Maitland Jr. High from Ď62 to Ď64 (7th - 9th) and then went to Winter Park High in Ď65 for 10th grade.  Lived on Tuscarora Trail in Maitland for four years walking to MJHS and then took ďbus 42Ē to Winter Park HS for my sophomore year.  I donít really have a lot of memories of WPHS.  It is mostly a blur.  The school was huge compared to my graduating HS over in Japan.  We had 84 students in my Ď68 graduating class compared to lord knows how many at Winter Park.  Those junior and senior years spent in Japan where not my choice.  I would have stayed at Winter Park if it had been my choice.  Being an Air Force brat was a different life from the norm and leaving friends behind was the hardest part.  Following my fatherís career was our family norm and where ever he went we went.  Japan was Ď66-í69 in the prime of my formative years.  My Tokyo alma mater, Chofu HS, no longer exists.  In fact, the new Tokyo soccer stadium is built on that exact spot.  So, there isnít anything to go back to even if I wanted to.  Whatís fun for me is that I still have friends from those years overseas and in some ways weíre all closer than ever.  Brats have an empathy for other brats that non-brats canít understand.  Itís a kind of club.  While Iíve never had the opportunity to attend a Winter Park HS reunion I have attended several Chofu reunions and some of them Iíve had a hand in organizing.  Weíve had them all over the country.  Iíve also created a Chofu HS website called Chofu.org.


Iíve visited Maitland and Winter Park a few times over the decades, but havenít lived there since Ď69-í71 when the family returned from Japan and I started college.  In many ways I wish I could have attended Winter Park all three years, but it wasnít to be.  When I retired (sort of) I decided to travel (after 20 year marriage/divorce) and thatís what Iíve been doing full-time for the last five years.  I basically follow the seasons and more often than not I find myself living in fall and spring conditions.  Waiting for the leaves to change in places like Colorado (aspens) and Maine (deciduous trees) have been my favorites, so far.  I guess you could say Iíve become a kind of gypsy traveling in my 40 foot motor home from place to place.  Iíve visited every state now, except Hawaii and Iíve visited every National Park west of the Rockies.  Since I attended an American HS in Japan Iím proud to claim friends that are spread out over the United States and the world.  Most of us stay in touch through social media and itís always fun to learn whatís happening in Tokyo or Sidney or London.  Some who still live in Tokyo are always good for nostalgic updates about where I used to live.  Thank goodness for FaceBook and email.  


The world is certainly a different place from when we were young.  Please consider this an invitation to become reacquainted if youíd like to share some memories, especially if they are of me.  lol  And even if you donít remember me, but find your name listed above Iím good for at least a phone call (605) 858-1957 or email at chofujohn@gmail.com.  The bottom line for me is the older I get the more I want to reconnect with my past.  Life has been great, but we never know when itís going to end, eh?  For all those Wildcats who have already passed on RIP. 



August 2011 > Nancy Nubar : Lake Mary, FL : Passing of a fine WPHS teacher> Just wanted to post that Mary Jane Squires passed away this week in Orlando.  She inspired me to become an English teacher myself, and I taught for 37 years before I retired.  Pehaps some of you remember her class.....for the times, she was very progressive and her World Literature class opened many new doors for me.  Every so often, she "rewarded" us with a free period listening to the modern popular poetry of Rod McKuen, set to soothing music.  She taught at WP for 30 years.  I will never forget her.  Nancy Nubar



September 2008 >Tim Bailey:Mt Plymouth, FL:A Brief Moment in History>To all my friends:Thank you for making the last three days so great.It is said that you can not turn back time but this weekend disproved that.I am sure you all agree with me that it was great seeing "old" friends.So many of you traveled so far and your spouses endured so much of our "do you remember" talk.Thank you all. John, Bill and Roy (and spouses) thanks for making this the best reunion.I have not talked with Trice Eddie or Lee but my vote is that the group that put this reunion on be reelected to put the next reunion together (hint change nothing).I did not have the chance to talk with any of you enough so you can look forward to hearing from me in the future.With that said I would encourage all of you to take advantage of the excel spreadsheet that includes e-mails and snail mail information.What a great group of friends!If any of you get up to the Mt Dora area please feel free to call us.Tim



July 2008->Patty DeFilipps:Oviedo:Jeff Schofield>I went to the service for Jeff. I will miss him dearly as I know you all will.


Mar 2008->Cecil Bothwell:Asheville, NC:All:Hello:> Across the years and miles ... sort of stunning that 40 years have swept by. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Indeed. Hope to make it for this one. In more technologically innocent days I patched together the Web connection for the, hmm, 30th? Glad to see that you folks have picked up the torch. Rock on.



For Jeff Schofield: (1949-2008)


         If you have not heard, Jeff Schofield passed away this past weekend. I had heard he had been hospitalized about 10 days ago, and I am unaware of any more details. My father actually got the message from "Becky" (I assume Becky Robinson?) and called me last night.
Sorry to pass along this sad news.
Best regards,
Rick Proctor


         This is so very sad - he certainly will be remembered at the reunion!!!!

Peppy Piel Surasky


         I knew Jeff from elementary school through high school; in fact, he was the only person I knew that long.  Fond memories.


Kathryn Sullivan (Susan Gilmore)


         This is so very sad...

my heart is with his family...

peace..syl deal campbell


         Please give my deepest sympathy to Amy and will certainly be praying for her and the family at this time. I remember good ole Jeff in High School. My memory of him was that he always had a smile on his face and showed a positive attitude in life. He was a great guy and I'm sure we all feel his loss, but he is now Heaven's gain!

Here in South China we will be remembering the memorial service at 5:00 - 6:00 pm EST.

May our dear Brother rest in peace!

John & Suzanna Hyrons


P.S. John 11:25.... Jesus said, "I am the Resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live!"


         This is really sad... 

I'm really sorry to hear of Jeff's passing.  I knew him from all the way back to the 4th grade when we were at Brookshire Elementary. I will say a prayer for him and his family.   

Carlene Weber


         I am so sorry to hear about Jeff......this is certainly a reminder of our own fragile mortality.

Don Mclean


         He was a great guy and made me feel welcome in my only year at WPHS.

Gene Marshall


Mike Bales:



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Dec 2007->John Merlet:Maitland:The í68 Alumni:Reunions:>Wish everyone a Happy New Year, 2008, and also wish to see you all at 4 more Reunions, at least! All I can say is, Iím not this old!!