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High School Days


(We would love to have some stories of the past or the present so they could be shared.)


Do you remember the first time we walked onto the campus. There was the Senior Walk, the Senior Grass, and the Senior Door. I knew the day would come that it would be ours. But I never thought we would brick up the door and put tires on the flagpole.

The clanging fire bell announced classes. You had to find just the right seat to be in front of the fan. History classes in the Auditorium, meant B-B sling shots, shotputs, and marbles, to name a few.


Dances, Pep Rallies, Clubs, Sports, and Academics brought us together. We became the Wildcat Family.


We started Soccer, and the Octagon Club those years.

By the time we were Seniors, we also gained an air conditioned Cafeteria, Showalter Field…..


We didn’t lock our cars, we didn’t lock our front doors, everyone’s parent was our parent. If we did something wrong, we prayed for mercy. Everybody’s yard was our play ground. Life was outdoors.


We spent days in the sun, around water: the lakes, the beaches, and the pools; around town: the tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, baseball diamonds, and more.

We spent the night getting together around the sport events, the Youth Center, and other social/school functions.


We are the history of the 60’s. We will never be forgotten.

And we still are the Wildcats!






1968 Class – Contact one of the classmates below: 


       Patsy Boutchyard Westbrook

       Lou Biron                     

       Timothy Bailey             

       John Merlet                  

       Edie Showalter Fagan  

       Lee Erwin Heard          

       Patty Cason Bond

       Bill Battaglia                



The 1968 WPHS Campus:

528 Huntington Avenue

Winter Park, Florida 32789

(aka: WPHS 9th Grade Center)