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The 40th Reunion

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Friday, the 19th of September 2008



We met in Hannibal Square, Hannibalís Bar beside Chez Vincent.


About 70 to 80 people got together last night to talk and start the process of renewing our Wildcat roots.


Saturday, the 20th of September 2008



Reunion Night

Winter Park Farmerís Market (inside & outside)


About 130 Wildcats showed up at the Farmerís Market tonight. What was in our minds? Who are we, who were we, and is this like the first day of school again?


We checked in and put on our name tags that had our Senior year pictures on them. We looked around and started to see nothing but warm friendly faces. Any apprehension that we may have had was fading fast. This was a night to celebrate being a Wildcat, being alive, and remembering so many wonderful things. It couldnít have been a better time. We hugged, talked, laughed, ate, drank, and hugged some more, like there was no tomorrow. We have come a long way and we have history.


We made many of these friendships in elementary school. We traveled lifeís course through the years. We added friends along the way. Our paths were together some and parallel some. We were in the same classes sometimes throughout the years. When we graduated, we walked out the campus doors for the last time as a student. Our lives were diverging. We thought about the things we didnít say. ďYou were someone special that touched my life. And I need to let you know that.Ē Because we didnít say all the things we should have, we should not hide from anyone that was a good part of our school hood life. Tonight everyone had the chance to tell others thank you, you are a part of my life I will always relish what we shared. Sometimes it was that one moment where you gave of yourself and may not have realized you affected someone else forever.


Tonight was a great example of getting another chance to show someone you cared and they mattered. Maybe a better example that we have really grown very wise about life and what we have ahead.


We missed the Wildcats that couldnít come tonight because something held them back. You are in our hearts, minds, and memories. So we have put some pictures and videos here to be viewed by all. Please understand we will add more as they are shared for all.


Go Wildcats!


Thank you tonight to:

Louis Biron for bringing us the music from 1968.

Charlie Vitunac (husband of Suzane Hunter Vitunac) for taking pictures of all the arrivals.

Sharon Battaglia for welcoming all the í68 grads and working with the caterers.

Alyson Davidson for taking pictures, and staying at the sign-in booth all night.

Lynn Merlet for checking the spreadsheet for errors, loaning camera equipment, and staying at the sign-in booth all night.

Becky Bass Billís secretary that had to put up with Bill, Roy, and John. Someone kept us in line!

Arthurís Catering for the fantastic food, drinks served, and pleasant treatment we experienced.

Jim a 1967 graduate of WPHS that helped us with everything we needed at the Farmerís Market behind the scenes.

Bill Battaglia, Roy Davidson, John Merlet they made it happen.



The Evening in Pictures



The Evening Video