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Then and Now


(We would love to have some stories of the past or the present so they could be shared.)



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The front of “Our Campus” on Huntington Avenue.

Now known as the Freshman Campus or 9th Grade Center.

To the back right, the tennis courts are now basketball courts, and the dirt parking lot, behind the courts, is now filled with portables. A Media Center was added above the Chemistry classes. (Remember Dr. Bender?)



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The front of WPHS Main Campus today.

The old campus might fit about 3 times on the new campus.


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Margie Cooper


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Jeff Doster

Winter Park Sports Hall of Fame
1998 Inductees





1968 Class – Contact one of the classmates below: 


       Patsy Boutchyard Westbrook

       Lou Biron                     

       Timothy Bailey             

       John Merlet                  

       Edie Showalter Fagan  

       Lee Erwin Heard          

       Patty Cason Bond

       Bill Battaglia                



The 1968 WPHS Campus:

528 Huntington Avenue

Winter Park, Florida 32789

(aka: WPHS 9th Grade Center)